Chartered Financial Analyst Institute

The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute is a global non-profit organization of financial and investment professionals all across the world. Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, the CFA Institute administers the CFA Program and also publishes the Financial Analysts Journal. The not-for-profit institute awards investment professionals the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) designations.

The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute has more than 142,000 members from 159 countries. Every chartered financial analyst institutemember must abide to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

History of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute

Formed in 1925, the CFA Institute was originally formed as Investment Analyst Society of Chicago by investment analysis. During that time, similar organizations were formed in major cities including New York. In 1947, the organizations merged as an umbrella company called the National Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (NFFAS).

In 1959, the professional members voted to form the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (ICFA) due to the need to provide CFA certifications.  In 1963 the first CFA exam was offered and a year later took on the three exam style that is present today.  The NFFAS later became the Financial Analyst Federation (FAF).

In 1999 the NFFAS and the FAF merged to form Association for Investment Management Research (AIMR).  5 years later in 2004, members of the AIMR voted to change its name to CFA Institute to strongly associate itself with the CFA charter they issue to financial professionals.

The CFA Institute is located in 73 countries worldwide..  More than half of the members are located in the United States and Canada.

Cities with the largest members are;

  • New York: 10,945 members
  • London: 9,500 members
  • Toronto: 6,289 members
  • Hong Kong: 4,399 members
  • Boston: 4,526 members
  • Chicago: 3,377 members
  • San Francisco: 2,767 members
  • Los Angeles: 2,003 members

Visit the official website of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute.

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