Chartered Financial Analyst Salary

A Chartered Financial Analyst salary is based on several factors including years of experience, job type, industry, region and more. Like many of professional salaries, it is difficult to determine an individual’s expected salary. We can, however, find the average CFA salary found on sites that collect salary data.

Average Salary for a Financial Analyst with a CFA Charter

Professionals who complete all three CFA Exams are more likely to earn a higher paycheck. According to Payscale, the average certified financial analyst salary in the United States is $58,022. Again, there are many factors involved in this figure.

Based on national averages, the following is a salary range for professionals who hold a CFA charter;

  • Salary: $44,820-$91,977
  • Bonus: $6,848
  • Commission: $7,000
  • Profit Sharing: $1,500
  • Total Pay: $60,168-$107,325

Data as of 11/25/16.

Chartered Financial Analyst Salary by Job Type

Below is a snapshot of the salary ranges for professionals who have obtained Financial Analyst Charter. This is according to Payscale, a company that collects salary data.


As you can see, the range is pretty broad based on the job type.  Below is a further breakdown based on schools, companies, cities and gender. You can do your own due diligence with the specific information based on your scenario at Payscale.


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