Financial Analyst Salary

So you are interest in becoming a Financial Analyst huh?  Or, maybe you are comparing how your salary as a Financial Analyst
measures up to the national average?  Well, you have come to the right place. This page informs you of everything you need to know regarding a Financial Analyst’s salary. We can tell you that its very good compared to many other professional jobs. Read on to learn more.

Before we get into the numbers, let me start off by saying that all salaries depend on several factors including job type, the company, the region you are in, experience and more. We have compiled the data for the salary of Financial Analysts from several reputable websites that collect salary data.

National Average for a Financial Analyst Salary

The salary figures below were taken from their mentioned sites. These figures are the average based on the data they have collected from all 50 states in the U.S.

  • Glassdoor: $63,000
  • Indeed: $73,000
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: $80,310 (in 2014)
  • $54,241
  • Payscale: $58,022

Financial Analyst Salary including Incentives

A Financial Analyst’s base salary doesn’t give you a crystal clear picture of what you can really earn per year. Included in the year can be bonuses, profit sharing incentives and commissions. The following illustration from Payscale depicts how much these items could boost a Financial Analyst’s earning potential.


Financial Analyst Salary for Large Companies

Below is a list of average Financial Analyst salaries for large U.S. companies according to Glassdoor.

  • IBM: $56,769
  • JP Morgan: $66,147
  • Goldman Sachs: $76,689
  • Morgan Stanley: $72,428
  • Citi: $74,711
  • American Airlines: $86,038
  • Amazon: $69,322

Salaries for Related Fields

Data collected from Indeed

  • Financial Reporting Analyst: $63,000
  • Financial Analyst Manager: $91,000
  • Financial Systems Analyst: $68,000
  • Credit Analyst: $61,000
  • Risk Analyst: $89,000
  • Collections Analyst: $32,000

Best Paying U.S. Cities for Financial Analysts

financial analyst pay

According to US News, the following cities are the highest paid cities for Financial Analysts in the U.S. 

  • San Francisco, CA: $122,150
  • New York City, NY: $119,500
  • Bridgeport, CT: $113,780
  • San Jose, CA: $108,080
  • Santa Barbara, CA: $106,220